Nutanix What’s in a Name?

It was very difficult to distinguish between different service names in Nutanix platform, but now Nutanix  surprised us by changing the names of
some services to be easy and without user angst.

  • Acropolis File Services (AFS) is now Nutanix Files
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Nutanix Announced New Versions of Calm

Now Calm can define, control, and manage workloads on any ESXi infrastructure (running ESXi 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5) from a single interface, and
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Load Balanced Volume Groups

AHV hosts support load balancing of vDisks in a volume group for user VMs. Load balancing of vDisks in a volume group enables IO-intensive VMs to utilize resources such as the CPU and memory of multiple Controller VMs (CVMs). 

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Scale out Prism Central

In AOS 5.6 you can expand Prism Central from a single VM to three VMs, increasing the capacity and resiliency of Prism Central.

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Flow Microsegmentation

What is Flow?

Flow networking is a software-defined networking solution option tightly integrated into Nutanix AHV and Prism. Flow provides rich visualization, automation, and security for VMs running on AHV. Microsegmentation is a component of Flow networking that simplifies policy Continue reading

Nutanix Two-Node Clusters

A traditional Nutanix cluster requires a minimum of three nodes, but Nutanix also offers the option of a two-node cluster for ROBO implementations and other situations that require a lower cost yet high resiliency option.

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Nutanix Cluster Checker

Nutanix Cluster Checker (NCC)  tool is using to check the overall health of the Cluster and identify other possible problems through a set of scripts available in each CVM.

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Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Default Cluster Credentials

Each component of Nutanix has a different login credential, so in this post, I will explain all credentials you need to manage your Nutanix components (Node, Cluster, CVM web console, CVM SSH).


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