In this article, I will explain the Nutanix hardware components, and the differences between logical and physical datastores, also a group of terminologies that using in Nutanix technology.


Nutanix Hardware Components & Terminology

1. Nutanix Node

The foundational unit for the cluster is a Nutanix node. Each node in the cluster is a standard x86 server that runs an industry standard hypervisor and contains a Nutanix Controller VM, processors, memory, and local storage composed of both low latency SSDs and economical HDDs. Nodes work together across a 10GbE network to form a Nutanix cluster and a distributed platform called the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric, or DSF.


2. Nutanix Block

A Nutanix block is a bundled hardware and software appliance that houses up to four nodes in a 2U footprint.
All of the nodes in a block share power and fan resources.

3. Nutanix Cluster

A Nutanix cluster is a group of Nutanix nodes and blocks that can easily scale into hundreds or thousands of nodes across many physical blocks with virtually no performance loss. A cluster must contain a minimum of three nodes to operate.

4. Storage Tiers

Storage Tiers utilize MapReduce tiering technology to ensure that data is intelligently placed in the optimal storage tier (flash or HDD) to yield the fastest possible performance.

5. Storage Pool

A STORAGE POOL is a group of physical storage devices, including SSD and HHD devices, for the cluster.
The storage pool can span multiple Nutanix nodes and is expanded as the cluster scales.

6. Container

A CONTAINER is a logical segmentation of the storage pool and contains a group of VMs or files (vDisks).
Containers are usually mapped to hosts as shared storage in the form of an NFS datastore or an SMB share.

7. vDisk

A vDisk is a subset of available storage within a container that provides storage to virtual machines. If the container is mounted as an NFS volume, then the creation and management of vDisks within that container is handled automatically by the cluster.

8. Datastore

A DATASTORE is a logical container for files necessary for VM operations.


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