Nutanix Cluster Checker (NCC)  tool is using to check the overall health of the Cluster and identify other possible problems through a set of scripts available in each CVM.

The NCC allows the user to be more proactive instead of reactive and solve potential problems ahead of time.

This tool not only checks if the Nutanix (AHV) has some problem but also for any problem related to the hypervisor.

The recommendation is to run this tool before and after making any kind of major change in a production environment.

To list all NCC tool commands, just run the following commands and the full list will appear as below.

# ncc

# ncc health_check

To check the version of 
NCC that we have in a Nutanix Cluster from a CVM I will execute the following command:

# ncc --version

To check the health of the Nutanix network run the following command:

# ncc network_checks


Finally,  the most important command to test cluster status would be the following command  

# ncc health_checks run_all

After test completed, we would obtain a similar table with the following states:  Pass, Info, Warning & Fail with the details and possible solutions for the issues what you have.

What I would like to explain in this article is that we can make any test we want either from the browser or through CLI.


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