vCenter 6.7 Deployment – External PSC Single Nodes (Part 3.2)

Let’s complete deploying of VCSA with external PSC.

In part3.1 I have successfully deployed & configured PSC, so I’m going now to deploy and configure VCSA 6.7 in external PSC mode without HA or LB.

Also; I have created the DNS record for both of them (PSC & VCSA), so I will start deploying the appliance directly.


After mount vCenter 6.7 ISO, click on install to start deployment and choose vCenter Server (Require External Platform Services Controller), then click Next.


Insert the destination ESXi server to deploy the appliance, and click Next.

After clicking on Next, ESXi certificate warning will appear, please click yes to accept it and click Next.


Choose the name of the appliance as much as you want, and insert the root password, then click Next.


Select the deployment size; I will select tiny method with default storage size then click Next.

After that choose the destination datastore it is either to be local datastore, shared storage, or vSAN storage.

In my scenario, I have selected local datastore as shown below.


Insert network details and FQDN of your appliance, and make sure this FQDN should match the DNS record you already created, and click Next.


Waiting for few minutes to complete deployment stage then start the configuration stage, and click continue.


Start the configuration stage to define SSO domain for VCSA, insert PSC details as per the below image, but to match your PSC data then click Next.


Verify all information you have inserted, and make sure these details are correct whereas you will not be able to stop this process.


Witing for few minutes again to finalize this step.


Once this step finished, that’s meaning you have completed deploy and configured vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 with External PSC.

Finally, I decided to login using HTML5 interface as listed.




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